ECS Basic Vector II

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General characteristics

The GRFID is 4D656F9F. The vector provides a couple of cargoes and industries, designed to supply other industries with materials, like sand, glass, coal. Raw material industries supply the processing industries with material for producing cargo.


Number Meaning
General behaviour change (Description)



Cargoes list

Default cargoes

  • Coal (ID 01)

New cargoes

  • Sand (ID 11)
  • Glass (ID 12)

New cargoes planned

  • Building materials (ID 1C)

Cargoes payment

Payment for delivering 10 units (or 10 000 litres) of cargo a distance of 20 squares


Cargo chains

Version 1.1.2 Version 1.2.0
Ecs Basicvector 1 1 2.png Ecs Basicvector 1 2 0.png