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Drawn by Sanchimaru, CC transformation and snowed version by George

General data

Tiles 4
Usage 95%
Growth Factor 75%

Stockpile size

Level Tourists
Very low 90
Low 120
Normal 160
High 214
Very high 285
Ultimate 380

Location/Positioning Conditions

  • Build outside towns !Tz1, !Tz2, !Tz3, !Tz4 (Town zone 0 allowed)
  • Build > 3 tiles from desert tile
  • Build > 2 tiles from water
  • Build on terraformed land (certain tiles must be sloped) see image
  • Build > FF FF FF FFh tiles from Tourists centre with the same layout (only one layout instance per map)
  • Build > 31 tiles away from other layout of Tourists centre

Description of Location/Positioning Conditions


Supports snow and company colours.

When built by player, the Japanese Castle will be the light CC version. When generated by the game or built in the scenario editor, the Japanese Castle will be a dark CC.