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|colspan="2" style="border-bottom:1px solid #C0C090; background-color: #F8EABA;text-align:center;"|
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<font size="3">'''[[TT Meet 2013]]'''</font><br>
<font size="3">'''[[TT Meet 2014]]'''</font><br>
Initial planning for the Transport Tycoon Forums Meet 2013, which is taking place in '''London, UK'''
Initial planning for the Transport Tycoon Forums Meet 2014, which is taking place in '''Glasgow, UK'''
<font size="3">'''Other pages'''</font><br>
<font size="3">'''Other pages'''</font><br>

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Welcome to the Transport Tycoon Wiki!

Welcome to the Transport Tycoon Wiki. This wiki aims to be the one stop for TTD players, veteran and beginner alike. It will eventually contain guides to the smallest things, such as building your first railway line, and purchasing your first locomotive. That's the theory at least - it's still quite the work in progress!

TT Meet 2014
Initial planning for the Transport Tycoon Forums Meet 2014, which is taking place in Glasgow, UK

Other pages
This wiki is currently being redesigned to incorporate the TTDPatch wiki. You can also find the NewGRF specifications on their own wiki.


Please help us make this a definitive Transport Tycoon related wiki. Read the Manual of Style and LocalStyleGuide before editing. See the Requested articles page to request an article or fulfill a request.

Please do any experimentation in the Sandbox, or create a Draft page under your user name, for larger projects.

NOTE: Unregistered users can no longer edit pages, due to significant amounts of spam being posted. If you wish to edit pages, please register.


To begin, search for a term in the search box on the left, or see Searching. Alternatively, use the Random page feature and follow article links.

If you're interested in real-life meet-ups of TT-Forums members, check out the TT-Forums meets!

If you're interested in Locomotion, there is a Locomotion Wiki.

TTDPatch Wiki

Content authors please read the LocalStyleGuide to make sure that your work fits in and is useful. If you're looking for something to do, check out the ThingsToDo.



This is the wiki for TTDPatch, an unofficial gameplay-enhancing and bug-fixing patch for the game Transport Tycoon Deluxe, written by Chris Sawyer. TTDPatch was originally written by Josef Drexler, but today we have a whole Patch Team working on it! For something bleeding-edge from the individual members, check out their Patch Versions (NB: These may not be more recent than the latest official builds)

If you don't know what a Wiki is, ask Wikipedia. Basically, it's a documentation system where anyone can contribute and add new content.

What can you find here? The main focus at the moment are

The NewGRF specifications can now be found on their own wiki.

Hopefully, this wiki will soon get filled with all sorts of useful information about TTDPatch (and Transport Tycoon, of course), but if you can't find what you're looking for here, try looking at The Transport Tycoon Forums, which also hosts the official forums for TTDPatch.

If you're looking for a specific page, try the List of pages (you can search for a page name there too).

If you register and login, you can create new pages, and edit existing pages to add more content. When registering, the email address is optional but useful to have the password sent to you if you forget. The address won't be shown to anyone else unless you enable that in your profile.

Hint: to create new pages:

  • link to them somewhere, then click on the link to edit them. The name should make sense when read in and out of context. You can use the SandBox to play with and test how things work, even without having to register. This feature can be especially useful if you are making a considerably long article from scratch and do not want the article page until it is (almost) finished, or
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Have fun!