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The TTDPatch programmer team

ThePatch was originally created by Josef Drexler ("patchman") by the end of May 1999. Marcin Grzegorczyk joined in. Later on, also Osker Eisemuth and Csaba Varga contributed with patches.

Also, Michael Blunck has contributed an anormous amount of new graphics. SHADOW-XIII and Andrés Zsögön have written tools for creating managing ThePatch configuration files, as well as other files related to ThePatch and TTD.

The following people have worked on translating ThePatch:

Mirek Duda

Kenneth Vestergaard Schmidt

Rune Baszkiewicz

Remon Pel

Jan Willem van Dormolen


Rémi Danis Courmont


György "Saiyan" Müller

Jack ))VanderCloud[[]]VanderCloud[[

Lorenzo F.

Hilanmo Terje

Tor Inge Johannessen

Marek Majkowski


Marcin Grzegorczyk

Yuri Burawtsow

John Bernal

Page first written by jfs, based on ThePatch v. 2.0r1 readme.