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The TTD Railway Dictionary is a collection of railway-related terms which should be helpful for newgrf set authors when making available sets for different languages. For easy access, it's divided into a couple of categories:

  • the General section should be the place for everything which doesn't fit in any of the other categories,
  • in the Train section you'll find everything related to trains and consists, except terms for locomotives or coaches and wagons,
  • the Services section contains terms related to train services,
  • and the Locomotive section holds everything related to locomotives and rail cars, being further divided into subcategories representing the various types of locomotives (steam, diesel, electric),
  • the Coach section is concerned with coaches and passengers,
  • and the Freight section deals with information about freight and freight wagons,
  • the Track section is responsible for track terminology,
  • and the Signal section covers signalling and signal systems,
  • the Station section handles station-related stuff,
  • and the Depot section gives attention to terms related to depots,
  • last but not least, the Catenary section - well, you got it. ;)

Each of these categories is sorted alphabetically, the rank of languages being the same as used elsewhere on the wiki.

The TTD Railway Dictionary uses national flag symbols to indicate the language of entries. There is already a number of flag images contained in the Dictionary, their file names being derived from international country codes, so in case you'll have to upload a new symbol for a yet absent language, you may stick to that convention.

These are already available:

GB.png GB Great Britain
D.png D Germany
F.png F France
E.png E Spain
RUS.png RUS Russia
CZ.png CZ Czech Republic
GR.png GR Greece
NL.png NL Netherlands
H.png H Hungary
I.png I Italy
RO.png RO Romania
DK.png DK Denmark
S.png S Sweden
N.png N Norway
PL.png PL Poland
EST.png EST Estonia
SF.png SF Finland
P.png P Portugal
HR.png HR Croatia
TR.png TR Turkey

i.e., the flag symbol for English language is available as "[[File:GB.png]]", etc.

Well, and now ... don't hesitate to feed the Dictionary!