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Adding your own Releases

Note: You must be logged in to add a new release.

Step 1: Uploading your files

Firstly you must upload your objects to somewhere, so it can be downloaded. You can attach it to a relevant thread on the forums, use your own hosting or use this page. Make sure you have the address of the file so you can link to it on your page.

Step 2: Adding a link

Add a line in the relevant section of the Releases page with a link to the page where you will put your object. It should be in the format:

[[Release:<objectname>|<object description>]]

Where <objectname> is a short name used in the title of the page, and <object description> is the full name of the item, to be shown as text on the link page.

Eg: The code:

[[Release:EarthSlopes|Steve's Earth Slopes]]

Creates a link like this: Steve's Earth Slopes

Step 3: Creating the page

When your page link has been added to the Release menu, click the link and you will be taken to an edit page. Use this page to give a full description of the object and link to any important files, such as screenshots and the download itself.
You can see an Example of this here: Releases:Example. Click View Source to see the code that created the page.

Step 4: Celebrate!

You have now successfully added your item to the release page so that lots of happy players can use it! Now, go make something else!


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