Simulated Passenger Intelligence

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This is a project to add more passenger types to Locomotion, to make passenger transport more realistic and much more of a challenge. This involves adding 2 or 3 more passenger types, which are demanded and produced by certain building types.


We are currently working through some limitations, and trying to make our plan fit inside these limits.

It seems that only 4 types of cargo can be in each type of building, the first two being produced with the second two demanded. This is a major limition, and will probably lead to us having to create buildings with duplicate graphics but different cargos to allow for this. For example;

<useobject desc="cargo[0]" class="8">PASS </useobject>

<useobject desc="cargo[1]" class="8">MAIL </useobject>

<useobject desc="cargo[2]" class="8">GOODS </useobject>

<useobject desc="cargo[3]" class="8">FOOD </useobject>

This is for BLDSHOP1, we know that it produces and accepts passengers (PASS) and mail (MAIL), and only accepts goods (GOODS) and food (FOOD). We can see that there is nothing here to define which cargo is accepted and which is produced. So, it seems that the first two entries are automatically treated as produced AND demanded, and the second two are just demanded.

This created a major problem, as in our original plans we were working on the assumption that there were 4 types in total, and you could define which entries do what. This is not possible, as there is nothing there to say which is which apart from where the entry is.