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Welcome to the TT-Wiki Manual of Style. Here you can learn what style to use when editing articles.

Updating pages from TTDPatch Wiki

Pages imported from the TTDPatch Wiki will often be in bad shape. In tidying them up, we recommend the following actions be taken:

  • Remove the "strapline" (typically the first line) which was used in TikiWiki for a page description. This is generally redundant.
  • Remove the page header. Again, this is redundant.
  • Replace any instances of " " or """ with normal spaces and quotes, unless required for formatting reasons.
  • Migrate wikicode.
  • Add categories (typically, add all pages to the TTDPatch category, and add a general category for each section (e.g., Introduction, Usage, Patches, etc)
  • Fix links - TikiWiki would automatically wikify CamelCase links. We have to explicitly create links. All links with a text similar to [1] should have their own link text, not a sequential Wiki-generated link ID. [Please not that outside links and text to be displayed are seperated by a space (0x20), whereas links within the Wiki and the link text are seperated by a pipe (0x7c).]

In the future, the intention will also be to mass rename pages to remove the ugly CamelCase. It'll be easier to do it all at once and send a bot to go and rename all the links, though, rather than trying to do it manually.

For more complex pages, you may wish to use this script with this data file to try to tidy up the page first.

Always compare the page against the original page on the old wiki to ensure all content is transferred. Pictures will need to be re-uploaded.

Ideally it'd be good to add some better navigation features to manual pages, similar to those you may see on Wikipedia or the OpenTTD wiki (infoboxes, etc).