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Welcome to the Transport Tycoon Wiki!

The one-stop portal for information for all TTD players, veteran and beginner alike. Below you can find helpful links for OpenTTD, TTDPatch, developer documentation, and other community resources.


Please help us make this a definitive Transport Tycoon related wiki by adding links to useful content or creating and editing pages on the wiki. Read the Manual of Style before editing. See the Requested Articles page to request an article or fulfill a request. NOTE: Users must be registered to edit this wiki; please log-in or create an account to get started!

Please do any experimentation in the Sandbox, or create a Draft page under your user name for larger projects.

OpenTTD is an open source clone of Transport Tycoon. It is always being expanded with new features and has an active modding community with tons of available content.

TTDPatch was the original effort to expand Transport Tycoon with new features and content. While it was highly popular and successful, today it is mostly abandoned in favour of OpenTTD.

NewGRF Specs

NewGRF Specs have their own wiki which can be found here:


Locomotion is the 'spiritual sequel' to Transport Tycoon, featuring enhanced features and its own following of fans and content.

Community Resources

Links to other various resources around the community

Other Stuff

Things which are related to TTD but hard to place in another category

Language-Specific Communities

These communities offer a place for non-English speaking fans: