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* [[POTM April_May 2019|April-May 2019]] - Forgotten
* [[POTM April_May 2019|April-May 2019]] - Forgotten
* [[POTM March 2019|March 2019]] - Food
* [[POTM March 2019|March 2019]] - Signage
* [[POTM January_February 2019|January-February 2019]] - Food
* [[POTM January_February 2019|January-February 2019]] - Food

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TT-Forums holds a transport-related Photo of the Month competition in the General Transport Discussion forum.

How to enter

First, follow the rules listed below.

If you have a photo to enter and it is eligible, go to the General Transport Discussion area on TT-Forums. There will be an 'entries' topic available for you to upload your entry there. You may link from trusted uploading sites such as Flickr, DeviantArt, Photobucket, personal website, Facebook etc but uploading directly to the forum is the preference. Feel free to add a bit of extra info with your picture. A name, what it is, where it was taken, etc. It's as simple as that!

Entry topics will open near the start of each month after voting is complete and a new theme is posted. They will end on the last day of the month.

Voting lasts a week and will be up within the first day or two of the month. Entrants should also use this time to think of a new theme should they win. However, this must be kept to yourself and sent to the competition organiser(s).


Rules are adapted from the original (2008) POTM competition, written by Andel/Dave W.

  1. The photo must be related to transport generally. This is very open to an array of photos from railways, aviation, ships, cars, bridges, roads, airports, canals, ports, etc. As long as there is some relation to transport, any photo is welcome.
  2. Most months will have a specific topic or theme. Pictures entered that don't, in the opinion of the organisers, follow this topic will not be entered into the final vote. Discussion will be pursued with the entrant about the eligibility of the photo in regards to the topic.
  3. The topic will be chosen by the previous month's winner. If they decide not to choose a topic, the following month will have a topic selected by the award organisers or by popular demand.
  4. The photo MUST belong to the entrant. Photos must be taken by YOU. They must be your photos and not someone else's.
  5. Entrants may only enter one photo. However, changing your entry prior to the closing date is permitted.
  6. Entrants may not use multiple usernames to enter multiple photos.
  7. The decision of the organisers is final - although the voting process is entirely democratic and everyone's vote adds one point to the score of a photograph.
  8. Discussion of entries is permitted so long as comments do not deliberately try to influence one photo over another.
  9. "Photoshopping"/editing of images is not permitted. Basic colour correction is allowed (such as black & white, sepia, etc.) so long as it is not over-the-top. Watermarks are permitted if your photos have them providing they are small and not intrusive.
  10. Images must be at least 1024 x 768 pixels.
  11. Previously entered photos can be re-entered for other themes if it fits. However, winning entries may not be re-entered again.
  12. Please note that acceptance is at the organisers discretion.
  13. If a photo is found to have been taken whilst trespassing or has been taken without care to safety, the entry will be removed and the entrant possibly banned from the competition depending on the extent of the above. Do not endanger yourself or others!

Please abide by the safety regulations and laws for wherever you may be taking photos - especially on the railways.

As a quick guideline for railways:

  • Do NOT trespass on the railways - no matter how good you think your photo is.
  • Do NOT use the 'flash' on a camera, as stated by all TOCs.
  • Do NOT photograph in areas where it may pose a danger to you or anyone else.
  • Do NOT obstruct signalling or security equipment.
  • Always be fully aware of your surroundings both for your own safety and others. Note and report any suspicious activity or behaviour.

For more information, see your local TOC's website or click here for the guidelines set by National Rail. These rules will typically apply to most countries but please check the appropriate site if you are outside the UK.

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