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This is something that is known to be possible in various ways, but nobody has yet come up with a reliable, repeatble, general method of getting this to work.  This page can be used to summarise the methods, with individual instructions on their own pages.

If you have a method, or suggestion for a method, create it on a new page here on the wiki, and put a link to it down below in the relevant section (e.g. a method using WineX goes under WineX).

NOTE: A method is classified as "Has Worked" if you know it works.  It counts as "Working" once lots of other people have got it working.


Does not work.


Does not work, though work on protected mode support continues.




Has worked, testing required.

See TTDWineDave.


Has worked, but not yet repeatable or reliable.  Several methods have been suggested, but in all cases many have failed to get results when reproducing them.

Methods under consideration:

  • Using a binary package, for those willing to pay: TTDWinexHan

 TTDWinexHan has worked for me (mellis)

  • Using CVS, for cheapskates like the author of this method: TTDWinexChris


This is a port of TTDPatch and the latest information suggests that it is not up-to-date (based on one of the pre-2.0 betas)

(Any word from the PatchTeam on whether this will be maintained along with DOS and Windows if it proves successful? - C.)