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NOTE: this set has been replaced by the Combined Roadset. This page will not be maintained any more.

The European Roadset replaces the standard roadset in TTD with new roads. The new roads have a lighter colour, different texture and thinner road markings. The current version is 1.24. The European Roadset is available for download from these locations:

The European Roadset is compatible with TTDPatch 2.0 rev1 and all later alpha releases.

How does it work?

The European Roadset comes in the original TTD .grf-file format. You can choose between a DOS or Windows version. If this is the first additional .grf-file you use, make a subdirectory in your TTD directory (i.e. C:\TTD\newgrf). Now copy euroadst[w].grf into the newgrf directory. If you don't have it yet, make a file called newgrf.cfg (for DOS) or newgrfw.cfg (for Windows) in your TTD directory. Open this file and add the following line:


After you did all of this you should be able to enjoy the European Roadset.