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To improve TTD road vehicles, which have low capacities and speeds, high costs and running costs, especially in sort with trains, a set of Long Road vehicles was created by George. The set supports autoreplace and AI management. Currently only singe-body road vehicles are available, but articulated vehicles are also planned. That sometimes leads to graphics collisions, because long vehicles used short vehicle's bounding boxes, but that would be fixed in future. These glitches happen at tunnels, rail-crossings, slopes, bridges and in some other places. But let us dissemble this small inaccuracy and enjoy the new road vehicles - Volvo, Navistar, Mercedes, Skoda and other trucks, Mercedes, Fiat, Saviem, Neoplan, Scania, Volvo, Ikarus, Parkroyal and other buses.

The first version of the Long vehicles used toyland lorries IDs. This makes a conflict between Long vehicles set and Cargo and Tropic sets. To avoid a conflict, version two of the vehicles set used IDs of temperate, arctic and tropical lorries. The third and later versions are based on the callbacks and fill all the IDs (except IDs reserved for trams). Long vehicles version 3 and later are incompatible with all the other road vehicles sets, such as tropic set, cargo set. LV version 3 and later should be located after other vehicle sets in your NewGRFs list (newgrf.cfg file).

Long buses from version 2 supported parameters. Parameter 1 made Dolphin intercity bus shorter. Parameter 2 made both the Dolphin intercity bus and Volvo 5000 one section length and also replaced Neoplan N138/4 'Jumbocruiser' with Volvo super bus and Leyland Olympian with Volvo bus. Parameter 0 made them as long as designed. Their capacity, cost, running cost, weight, amount of cargo loaded was also reduced. In version 3 buses support refitting to passengers to allow different representations. Volvo bus and Volvo super bus are not supported by version 3 and later.

Setra S431DT
Scania CL94UB OmniLink
Volvo FH16
International RDF-405