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Developer of additional graphics sets for TTDPatch.

Sets ready to download

  • NewShips - an international set of passenger ships and freight vessels
  • DBSet - a full set which models rolling stock of the German DRG ("Reichsbahn") and DB ("Bundesbahn")
  • DB Set XL - a superset of the DB Set, including a complete set of German freight wagons, both ancient and modern style
  • NewStations - new configurable railway stations
  • AlpineClimate - a completely new environment, changing the temperate climate into an "alpine" climate, incl. new terrain, buildings and industries
  • DBXL ECS extension - makes ECS cargoes available for the DB Set
  • DBXL FIRS extension - makes FIRS cargoes available for the DB Set
  • Rivers - river graphics for temperate climate
  • MariCo - a maritime collection of newobjects
  • NewCargo - new cargoes and industries
  • CargoSet - a set of new freight wagons and trucks for the "enhanced goods" concept
  • ArcticSet - a small set of Canadian diesels and Scandinavian electrics
  • TempSet - a small set of European locomotives, incl. the TGV Thalys
  • elRails - a catenary system for TTDPatch electric locomotives
  • Signals - Semaphores, both british- and continental-style
  • DB Set autoreplace - an extension allowing to "autoreplace" old locomotives from a set of specified newer models

All of the above can be downloaded from my site or from the TTDPatch site.

Sets under development

  • AlpineVehicles - a full set of the rolling stock of Swiss BLS and SBB and of the Austrian ÖBB,
  • NewShips XL - an enhanced set of new ships, canals, locks and inland vessels.

More to come. Check out the TTDLX New Graphics pages.