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In addition to all the patch switches, the following switches control the operation of TTDPatch itself:

Command line Configuration file Meaning
-a all on Turn on all patch switches, except those marked as "off by default".
-h --- Show a brief help summarizing all available options. Run "ttdpatch -h | more" if it scrolls by too fast.
-v verbose on/off Before running TTD, display a brief summary of what switches are active
-y alwaysyes on/off Do not wait for a keypress before starting TTDPatch if the TTD version is not recognized
-C <file> include <file> Read a different configuration file.
-W <file> writecfg <file> Write current configuration to this file. Note: Do not write to the file that contains this directive (i.e. in ttdpatch.cfg, do not put "writecfg ttdpatch.cfg"), because it will overwrite the file and discard all settings after the writecfg directive.
-Xn <file> newgrfcfg <file> Read the given file as new graphics configuration file, instead of newgrf(w).cfg.

If the -C option is given, the specified configuration file will be read instead of the default ttdpatch.cfg. (This does not apply to the "include <file>" option, obviously.) You can use several configuration files by having multiple -C switches, they will be read in the order you supply them.

And finally, after you have set all your switches the way you like them, you can tell TTDPatch to write them to your own configuration file (or ttdpatch.cfg for that matter) by using the -W switch or writecfg config file directive. With this, TTDPatch will create a commented file that has all the switches set as they are when the -W is encountered on the command line.

Just for completeness, there are also a number of debug switches, but they are not meant to be useful for most people.