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Recently, a Windows version of TTD has been released as part of the Tycoon Collection available from Hasbro. Since version 1.7, TTDPatch supports this Windows version too.

There are few differences between the DOS and Windows versions of TTDPatch, and while this manual was written with the DOS version in mind, everything should work the same in the Windows version. The only differences are the file names:

DOS Windows
ttdx.exe (or tycoon.exe) gamegfx.exe
ttdpatch.exe ttdpatchW.exe
ttdload.ovl ttdloadW.ovl
newgrf.cfg newgrfW.cfg
ttdpatch.kbd ttdpatchW.kbd

The configuration file and options are the same for both versions, but some switches work only in either the DOS or the Windows version.

In general, the files ending in a "W" are files for the Windows version, and the files without the "W" are for the DOS version.