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Make abandoned roads lose their owner.

2.0.1 alpha 5 or later


Configuration file: abandonedroads on|off|0|1|2

Command line: -YA


This feature makes unused roads lose their owner. If no vehicle passes a road tile in a certain amount of time, the road will lose its owner, and can thus be removed by anyone in the game. This is useful to get rid of all those left-over roads from AI routes, without having to manage or buy out the AI company.

The other benefit of this switch is that you can take abandoned roads over by using them. If a road tile has no owner and one of your road vehicles drives on it, you'll get the ownership of the tile. To keep the ownership, however, your road vehicles must use the road regurarly. If they stop using the route, you'll lose the ownership just like AI players do.

Since 2.0.1 alpha 35, this switch has three different modes:

Mode 0 works as described above and is the default.

Mode 1 makes towns take over nearby roads after a while of them not being used.

Mode 2 makes this happen instantly.

This feature was contributed by Csaba Varga.