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Allows construction while the game is paused.

2.0.1 alpha 8 or later


Configuration file: buildwhilepaused on|off

Command line: -XB


This switch allows you to build, bulldoze, click on signs and give orders while the game is paused. You should be able to do (almost) everything, in fact. However, I'm not sure if there was a reason why these things were not allowed in paused mode before. In particular, it may not work very well in multiplayer games. In single player, everything seems to work fine, though.

Note that if you build many things in paused mode, you'll run out of "slots" for the rising cost/income text effects, of which there are only 30. Because of this I've changed the way TTD allocates them, and so now instead of not displaying new ones if there's no room, the patch will get rid of the oldest one instead. This is activated by "buildwhilepaused" as well (although I'll probably move this into generalfixes eventually). If you'd run out of text effects, all the existing ones will move up a little, and the oldest one will expire. This may take some getting used to, but it's better than how it worked before...