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With "morecurrencies", TTD can have up to 19 currencies. All available slots are filled by default, but you can change any of the new currencies to another one simply by overwrititng its data in ttdpttxt.txt, see above.

The entries beginning with "curr_" specify the data for a currency. Each of them consists of six parts, separated by NUL codes (\00). Filling the first part is mandatory, but all other parts can be empty, meaning that the values hardcoded in TTDPatch should be applied. If you specify numbers, you can put spaces before and after them.

The first part is the name of the currency followed by the currency symbol in brackets (For example: "Hungarian Forint (Ft)".) This text will be shown in the currency list in the Game Options window. This part is mandatory.

The second part is the exchange ratio between British pounds and the currency multiplied by 1000. For example, 1 British pound is 375.62 Forint, so this value should be 375620 for the Forint.

The third part defines the thousand separator and symbol placement of the currency. If this isn't empty, the first character will be used for the thousand separator. If a second character is present, and it's a character number one (\01), the currency symbol will be placed after the number by default. If there is no second character or it's not \01, the currency symbol will be before the number by default. These options can be overridden if the player forces all currencies to have the same separator or placement by modifying the parameter of the morecurrencies switch.

The fourth and fifth parts can't be longer than four characters, these specify the currency symbol. The first symbol is used before the number, the second after the number. If there should be no space between the number and the symbol ("$100,000"), both of them should be the same and they shouldn't contain spaces. If there should be a space separating the number and the symbol ("$ 100,000"), the first symbol entry should end with a space, the second should start with a space.

The sixth part specifies when should the currency change to Euro. If it should never change, specify 0, otherwise specify the year when it changes to Euro.

If you simply want to translate the name of the currency, translate the first part and put six NUL codes (\00) after it. If you want to change only some options (for example, you want to lower the exchange ratio), specify only the data you want to change, and leave the other parts empty (the currency name must be specified, though). If you want to change the currency to something else, specify all the parts to override all the hardcoded TTDPatch data.

Here's an example that sets the options of the Hungarian Forint to the defaults used by TTDPatch:

curr_HUF="Hungarian Forint (Ft)\00375620\00.\01\00Ft \00 Ft\002008\00"

Note that each option starts immediately after the preceding \00 separator.