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This section has a list of all entries in ttdpttxt.txt, with the default values, and what they are used for. You should leave the control codes (a backslash followed by two hexadecimal digits, e.g. \7c) alone, they are place holders for numbers, other text strings or colour or font changes. To put a literal backslash, use two backslashes (\\). \00 marks the end of a string.

bribetext="Bribe the local authority\00"
Menu entry in the local authority menu for the bribe option
"\90 Bribe the local authority to increase your rating, at the risk "
"of a severe penalty if caught.\n"
" Cost: \7f\00"
Description of the bribe option in the local authority menu
bribefailed1="\94Your attempted bribery has been\00"
bribefailed2="\94discovered by a regional investigator.\00"
Both lines of the error message shown when a bribe is denied.
headingfor="\95\80, \84\00"
headingfordepot1="\95\80 Train Depot, \84\00"
headingfordepot2="\95\80 Road Depot, \84\00"
headingfordepot3="\95\80 Ship Depot, \84\00"
headingfordepot4="\95\80 Hangar, \84\00"
Used with "showspeed" in the status bar of each vehicle. The first entry is used for stations, the rest for specific types of depots. You can modify the first two entries to show tractive effort and acceleration when the realistic acceleration model is enabled. For details, see Realistic Acceleration.
withsignals="Railroad track with \80 (\80)\00"
wplainsignals="plain signals\00"
wpresigexits="pre-signal exits\00"
wprecombined="combined signals\00"
Description of track with signals when using the presignal switches, for the four different kinds of signals possible, as well as whether they were set automatically or manually.
Game saved with veh. multiplier \7e.\00":
vehmulttoolow2="\94Removed \7e vehicles in \7e consists and \7e special objects.\00"
Error message shown when a savegame is loaded that had a "morevehicles" setting larger than the current setting. See Increased Number of Vehicles.
Game uses some features of\00":
rchunknotloaded2="\94TTDPatch that are disabled or not present in this version. "
"Data may be lost.\00": Error message shown when a savegame is loaded that requires certain switches to be enabled. It is not easily possible to tell which switches these are, unfortunately. As of version 2.0, this message is shown when the savegame contains extended town data but they're not enabled in TTDPatch. See More Town Statistics.
loadgame="Load game\00"
Load menu item in the disk menu
gotodepot="Go to \80\00"
gotodepotonly="Service at \80\00"
gototraindepot="\80 Train Depot\00"
gotoroaddepot="\80 Road Depot\00"
gotoshipdepot="\80 Ship Depot\00"
gotoairdepot="\80 Hangar\00"
Display of depots in vehicle orders with the "gotodepot" switch.
cannotcheat="\94Cannot carry out sign cheat action\00"
cheatinvalidparm="\94Invalid parameter\00"
cheatunknown="\94Unknown sign cheat\00"
Cht: \80 is obsolete.\00":
cheatobsolete2="\94Use Cht
\80 instead.\00": Various error messages about sign cheats.
managedby1=" (temp. Player 1)\00"
managedby2=" (temp. Player 2)\00"
Display of current player status and the "manage" button in the player info window when using the subsidiary management feature.
\7f Weight: \7ct\n"
"Capacity: \80\00":
railwaywagon="railroad wagon\00"
monorailwagon="monorail wagon\00"
maglevwagon="maglev wagon\00"
Description of wagons when they become newly available.
\95\7c.\7dt \98Power: \95\7chp \80\00":
\8a\7f\98 Speed: \8a\84\n"

"\98Running Cost: \8a\7f/yr\n"

"\98Power: \8a\7chp\98 Weight: \8a\7d.\7dt\n"

"\98Capacity: \8a\80\n"

"\98Designed: \8a\7e\98 Life: \8a\7c years\n"

"\98Max. Reliability: \8a\7d%\00": Description of road vehicle stats when using realistic acceleration, first in the vehicle info window, then the purchase window.

grfloaderror="\94Error loading new graphics
toomanysprites="\94More sprites than specified (file \80).\00"
outofmemory="\94Out of memory (file \80).\00"
wronggrfversion="\94Wrong .grf version (file \80).\00"
toomanyspritestotal="\94Cannot load more sprites (from file \80).\00"
filenotfound="\94File \"\80\" not found.\00"
invalidsprite="\94File \"\80\" has invalid sprite #\7c.\00"
Error messages shown when loading new graphics fails.
elecrailconstitle="\94Electrified Railroad Construction\00"
elecrailconsmenu="Electr. railroad construction\00"
Construction menu entry and window title for electrified railroad construction.
ufodestroyed="\98\0f'UFO' destroyed in huge explosion near \80!\00"
lmilloutoftrees="\98\0f\80 \80 ran out of nearby trees!\00"
eurointroduced="\98\0fMonetary union!\n\n"
"European countries switch from national currencies to Euro!\00":
aircraftcleared="\98\0fRemnants of the recent plane crash have been cleared from \80!\00"
zeppelincleared="\98\0fRemnants of the recent Zeppelin crash have been cleared from \80!\00"
traincleared="\98\0fRemnants of the recent train crash have been cleared near \80!\00"
News messages about various events.
curr_HUF="Hungarian Forint (Ft)\00\00\00\00\00\00"
curr_PLN="Polish Zloty (zl)\00\00\00\00\00\00"
curr_ATS="Austrian Shilling (ATS)\00\00\00\00\00\00"
curr_BEF="Belgian Franc (BEF)\00\00\00\00\00\00"
curr_DKK="Danish Krone (DKK)\00\00\00\00\00\00"
curr_FIM="Finnish Markka (FIM)\00\00\00\00\00\00"
curr_GRD="Greek Drachma (GRD)\00\00\00\00\00\00"
curr_CHF="Swiss Franc (CHF)\00\00\00\00\00\00"
curr_NLG="Dutch Guilder (NLG)\00\00\00\00\00\00"
curr_ITL="Italian Lira (ITL)\00\00\00\00\00\00"
curr_SEK="Swedish Krona (SEK)\00\00\00\00\00\00"
curr_RUB="Russian Rubel (RUB)\00\00\00\00\00\00"
curr_EUR="Euro (\9e)\00\00\00\00\00\00"
Definition of new currencies, see the next section for details.
townlastmonthaccepted="\98Cargo accepted last month at all stations
\00": Display of more town statistics using "moretownstats".
endofsharedorders="\01\0a- - End of shared orders - -\00"
End of a shared order list.
hotkeylistdos="x !@#$t%1234567890==\1e\\\00"
hotkeylistwin="x !@#$t%1234567890==`\\\00"
List of new hotkeys for the DOS and Windows version. The first four characters are reserved. After this follow six characters which toggle display options, and finally 14 characters for the fourteen construction items in the railway construction menu. If the second character (the first after the "x") is a question mark "?", it will turn on the key code display, meaning that every time you press a key in TTD, it will display what key it thinks that was, so that you can find out what character to use in the hotkey list. Note that the control codes are not placeholders here, but keycodes.