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Post offices are special houses to accept and produce mail

2x1 Post office

Drawn by Zimmlock, improved by George

Ecs post-office-2x1.png


Eras 1-4 or in 1920 - ... (if eras are off).

Town zones: 1-4.

A road at SW required.

5 houses in town required.

No post office 5 squares around allowed.

1 per 2048 citizens in case there is no post office in town.

Maximum 10 per town.


Accepts mail, 6/8 passengers.

Cargo generation

32 passengers and Town's population / (post office tiles in town * houses in town * 2) mail a month.


250 rating required for removal.

The last one in the town is protected.

Minimal age before removal - 15 years.

Supports snow.

Supports company colours.