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This is a list of all errors and warnings that can occur while TTDPatch is still loading. Messages while inside the game are not covered here.

The messages are sorted alphabetically, ignoring an initial "Warning:" or "Error:" that is not part of the actual message.

Internal TTDPatch error #[number] ***
      • This message should not occur, it means something went wrong in the patching program. Report this message to the author of TTDPatch.
Can't write to TTDLOAD.OVL, is it read-only?
This happens after copying the TTD executable to ttdload.ovl, when TTDPatch tries to patch this copy. Most likely it is set to read-only. Remove the read-only flag and it should work.
Configuration line is longer than 32 chars, truncated
For some reason, you have a very long line in the configuration file. Only the beginning of it has been considered by the patch.
Copy error - file doesn't exist.
When TTDPatch tried to copy the old executable to ttdload.ovl, something went wrong and nothing was copied. You can try to copy it yourself and run TTDPatch again. It will then try to work with this copy instead, and not copy the file itself.
Could find neither TYCOON.EXE nor TTDX.EXE.
Could not find GAMEGFX.EXE.
There are two possibilities. Either you started TTDPatch from the wrong directory, or you have the wrong version of the patch. Make sure that you copied the patch into the TTD folder, and that you didn't mismatch the DOS and the Windows versions.
Could not determine program version.
This means that TTDPatch couldn't find out what version of TTD you are using, and thus cannot patch it. This can only be fixed by sending your executable to the maintainer of TTDPatch. It's most likely that it actually isn't TTD but something else.
Couldn't execute TTDLOAD.OVL
There was a problem running the game (contained in TTDLOAD.OVL). This message is followed by a more detailed error description that may help you determine the cause of this problem.
Couldn't find cfg file <file>. Ignored.
You specified a file with the -C option or the include directive, but it could not be found. You probably have a typo in the filename.
Couldn't install code loader - try deleting TTDLOAD.OVL.
TTDPatch found some problem in ttdload.ovl and couldn't patch it. You can try to delete ttdload.ovl so that TTDPatch creates it again, hopefully correct this time. Otherwise there is some problem with your TTD executable.
Create process failed.
This happens in the Windows version of TTDPatch, when it is unable to start TTD. The reason can be that TTD is not installed properly, or that ttdloadW.ovl is outdated. Please try deleting ttdloadW.ovl first, and see if it helps. If not, check whether TTD runs without the patch. If it doesn't, you may have to re-install. One other possibility is a conflict with another program or not enough system resources. Try shutting down all other programs before running TTDPatch.
Invalid cfg line `<name>'
You have a switch in the configuration file or on the command line that TTDPatch does not recognize. Either you have made a typo, or it could be that your configuration file is for a different version of the patch. For example, you may have a configuration tool that makes files for TTDPatch 2.0, but you only actually have TTDPatch 1.9. In that case TTDPatch 1.9 will complain about all switches that are new in version 2.0, because it doesn't understand them yet. Just upgrade your TTDPatch version, or remove the offending line from the configuration file.
Invalid original segment length.
This message indicates that something is wrong with the ttdload.ovl. Try deleting that file, so that TTDPatch can create it again, hopefully correctly this time.
Not enough memory available, need <number> KB more
The DOS version ran out of memory. You must make more memory available to the patch for it to work.
Reading ttdpttxt.dat
Invalid file format.: TTDPatch could not read ttdpttxt.dat because it is not in the expected format. You must run mkpttxt.exe to generate this file from ttdpttxt.txt. Do not edit ttdpttxt.dat directly.
Sorry, this version of TTDPatch works only with the DOS/Windows version
You have the wrong version of the patch, or the wrong version of TTD. You must get the DOS version of the patch for the DOS version of TTD, and the Windows version of the patch for the Windows version of TTD.
TTD is not installed properly (registry error <number>)
This message can occur if you have the Windows version, but didn't install it with its installer program. TTDPatch tried reading the registry entries for the game, but they were either missing or incorrect. Try reinstalling TTD with its installer program.The specific meaning of the registry error numbers:
  1. The registry key "HKLM\Software\Fish Technology Group\Transport Tycoon Deluxe" does not exist.
  2. The value "HDPath" does not exist or could not be read from the registry key.
  3. The TTD folder does not have a short (DOS-compatible) name.Other numbers indicate that the "HDPath" registry value could not be updated.
The switch `<name>' (-<option>) is obsolete
You have a switch in the configuration file or on the command line that is no longer valid in this version of TTDPatch. Either it has been replaced by a different switch, or it is no longer required. Simply remove it from the configuration file or command line.
This is not Transport Tycoon Deluxe
You are trying to run TTDPatch, but you do not have Transport Tycoon Deluxe. You probably have a version of regular Transport Tycoon, which will not work with the patch.
This is not a known executable format
TTDPatch could not determine whether your game is the DOS or Windows version. This probably means that the installation is corrupt; try installing TTD again.
ttdpttxt.dat must be remade for this version of TTDPatch
You are using ttdpttxt.dat, see Custom in-game texts. Your file was for a different version of TTDPatch and must be updated. Simply run mkpttxt.exe again to do this.
Unknown switch `<name>'
See "Invalid cfg line" above.
Unknown on/off state <name>, set to off
You have a line in the configuration file that has a switch setting which the patch does not recognize, so the switch is turned off. Perhaps you made a typo when editing the file.
Unrecognised .EXE format.
tycoon.exe is not an executable file. This should not happen, unless you copied or renamed something else to tycoon.exe.
Version has too many numbers!
While trying to find out version of TTD, the program got confused because it found more than the usual three numbers. This can only be fixed by sending your executable to the maintainer of TTDPatch.
Version is unknown!
Your program version is not known to this program
You are running TTDPatch with an unknown version of TTD, or you told it to ignore its version data. This will usually work fine, but it may take a longer time to start TTD than usual, up to a minute on slow computers.