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Enable experimental features of the patch

2.6 alpha 0 or later


Configuration file: experimentalfeatures on|off|<bits>

Command line: -XF


This switch enables some features of the patch that are still considered to be under development.

It is a bit switch. To find out how that works, see Bit Switches, or simply add up the values of the options you want. For the latest TTDPatch version 2.6, you have the options:

Bit Value Name Meaning
0 1 slowcrossing Slow down trains before road/rail crossings to avoid collisions
1 2 cooperative Cooperative play, very limited. Allows players to share track and some facilities.
2 4 mandatorygrm Require that all .grf files use GRF Resource Management to prevent ID conflicts
3 8 incvehconsist Build more than 240 trains per company
4 16 signalgui Enable a gui for changing signal type. Display by ctrl-clicking on a signal.
5 32 newterraingen Enable new terrain generator
6 64 engineconvert Enable conversion of engines from normal engines to helper engines
7 128 previewdd Show previews in the station drop down
8 256 extradetails Show more specs in the vehicle details window
9 512 asyncmp Internet multiplayer support
10 1024 railvehmenu Adds a rail vehicle menu to the depot via ctrl-clicking on a vehicle.

Cooperative mode

When cooperative mode is enabled, in addition to being able to share track and stations, any AI player of which another player owns 75% of the shares will become inactive. This allows subsidiary companies that do not modify the track, neither building new track nor removing the old one, nor buying or selling any vehicles or doing anything else. The vehicles continue to operate and make profit (or losses), of course.

Mandatory GRM

Mandatory GRM is mostly useful for graphics authors to test that their files conform to the GRM specifications. Everyone else should keep it turned off because it will break older pre-GRM files.

Increased number of consists

Incvehconsist is currently limited to trains, it tries to fill the trainnumber evenly on the new vehicleconsists.

Signal GUI

The signal GUI allows easy conversion between signal types (normal, pre-, exit or combo signal, with or without PBS) with the 8 main buttons, and between semaphore or light signals with the top right button. The bottom right "auto-signal" button builds signals spaced to fit the given number of wagons between them. Auto-signal construction stops when it is unable to place a signal (e.g. at tunnels and bridges) or when it reaches the next signal, as well as when reaching a fork where there is more than one choice in how to continue.


The signal gui is required to access the tracerestrict GUI, which adds the bottom button when enabled.

New Terrain Generator

The new terrain generator is controlled by the LandGen cheat, not the "Terrain type" and "Quantity of sea/lakes" difficulty settings.

Engine Convert

Allows the conversion of a train locomotive (engine) to an extra head (wagon), holding control whilst dragging the engine will trigger the code to convert it. Currently there is no way to reverse the conversion, once done you must sell and re buy the locomotive if you converted it by accident.

Internet multiplayer

This bit may have undesirable side effects for LAN games. Everyone who is not testing or using Internet MP should leave it off.


This switch is not enabled by default or by the -a command line switch, because the features are still under development.

These features were contributed by Oskar Eisemuth, Josef Drexler, Adam Kadlubek, and Lakie.