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Force and set game options.

2.5 beta 5 or later


Configuration file: forcegameoptions on|off|bitsetting

Command line: none


This Switch let you change the game options of TTD so after changeing climate it will reset to your settings instead useing the default ones.

This is a bit switch, with the following choices:

Bit Value Name Meaning
Traffic side
0 1 trafficleft Force the road traffic side to be left
1 2 trafficright Force the road traffic side to be right
Distance Unit
2 4 imperial Force the use of imperial (miles) distance units
3 8 metric Force the use of metric (kilometers) distance units
Town name style
4 16 townsenglish Set town name style to english
5 32 townsfrench Set town name style to french
6 64 townsgerman Set town name style to german
7 128 townsamerican Set town name style to amerian
8 256 townslatin Set town name style to latin amerian
9 512 townssilly Set town name style to silly
Autosave setting
10 1024 autosavedisabled Set autosave to off
11 2048 autosave3months Set autosave to 3 months
12 4096 autosave6months Set autosave to 6 months
13 8192 autosave12months Set autosave to 12 months (should be the default of TTD)

The state of setting more than one bit in each group is undefined and should be avoided.

This feature was contributed by Oskar Eisemuth.