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Add depots to vehicle orders.


Configuration file: gotodepot

Command line: -Xd


This switch allows you to add depots to a vehicle's orders. When adding a new order, you can simply click on a depot (or hangar) to send the vehicle there as part of the schedule.

You can use this to force servicing at a station entrance, so that trains are less likely to break down inside the station. You can also use depots as crude waypoints by sending trains to a specific location. This is also very useful for ships, where you can now use depots instead of buoys.

These depot orders come in two variations: always or only after the service interval. You choose between the two variations by clicking on the "Full load" button in the vehicle orders. If a vehicle is ordered to always go to a certain depot, it will go there everytime it comes to that entry in the schedule. However, if you choose the "service only" option, the vehicle will ignore that order unless its service interval has expired. Note that it will skip the order as soon as it leaves the previous station, so if the service interval expires while the train is on the way, it won't go to the depot until the next rotation of the schedule. You can work around this by placing a waypoint station (see New Non-stop Handling) just in front of the depot.

Additionally, whenever a vehicle has any depot on its order list, it will never try to go to any other depot. It will always go to that particular depot, which means it won't get lost looking for another depot or run around in circles.