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Because of a limitation in the amounts of graphics TTD can load you might get error messages. Troubleshooting deals with problems concerning the installation of grf-files. There shouldn't be problems after successfully installing new graphics from an executable.


  • Always make sure you have TTDPatch switches enabled (see New Vehicle Graphics)
  • Check if you downloaded the correct version. Remember that DOS graphics don't work with the Windows version and v.v.
  • When using new grf-files, check if the configuration file is named correctly and if there are no spelling errors in the file.
  • Check if the new grf-file appears in the proper directory

Error Messages

Each error message describes the file that caused the error, and the place within the file where the error occured (the so-called "sprite number"). These are all possible error messages you can get:

  • Out of memory: TTDPatch ran out memory when trying to load more sprites. Make more memory available to it, or remove some entries from newgrf(w).cfg.
  • Wrong .grf version: This grf-file is for a different version of TTDPatch. Download the correct version of either the graphics, or the patch.
  • Cannot load more sprites: The total number of sprites that TTD can handle is limited at 11484 active sprites. You must deactivate or remove some entries from newgrf(w).cfg to get below that limit.
  • File not found: The specified file does not exist. Check to make sure that it is installed in the newgrf folder, and that you haven't made a typo when entering it in newgrf(w).cfg.
  • More sprites than specified: This is an error caused by a corrupt .grf file. It has to be fixed by the author of the graphics file. It means the first entry in the graphics file's info file is wrong.
  • File has invalid sprite: This is an error caused by a corrupt .grf file, or by an invalid parameter in newgrf(w).cfg. If you have one or more numbers after the filename in newgrf(w).cfg, remove all numbers and try again. If the error still occurs, it's a problem in the graphics file, and needs to be fixed by the author.

Still having trouble? Visit the TT-forums and look for an answer there.