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Things We Can't Do

As well as ImpossibleChanges in the manual, here we present a list of things which can't be done in ThePatch, because people keep asking the same old questions.

  • Underground stations
  • More depots and stations
  • Bigger maps
  • Two different diagonals (e.g. rail + maglev) on the same tile
  • Two different presignals on the same tile
  • Fix AI (it was tried before with no great success)
  • Diagonal bridges

We also present here changes which are improbable - the game might allow them, but the amount of work is too much to justify including it right now.

  • Signals on or under bridges
  • Signals in tunnels
  • Fix multiplayer modes (the original networking code is hopeless, and it holds back development)
  • More runways or berths at airports
  • Bigger bus stations and truck depots
  • Bigger docks Michael Blunck has some graphics, but the patch can't yet make it work)