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What's the difference between the DOS version and the Windows version?

The DOS version was the first version. It runs under DOS, but can also run under Windows 3.x and 9x. It doesn't run under Windows NT-based systems. If you have just bought TT, then you most likely have this (even if it says Windows on the box). This probably has an executable called ttdx.exe or similar, and requires the DOS patch.

The Windows version is a port of the DOS version, sold as part of a small-selling compilation. The Windows version stands out with a "Fish UK" splash screen when you start the game. This runs on Windows 9x, and can be made to run on NT systems with the patch. This will have a series of executables, most notably gamegfx.exe, and requires the Windows patch.

I've set up the Patch, but it doesn't seem to have any effect - the game is the same as it always was.

You're probably running the original game program to play the game, which is usually either ttdx.exe (DOS) or GameGFX.exe (Windows). You need instead to run ttdpatch(w).exe. If you're using a shortcut or icon to start the game, you can right-click and select Parameters to change the name of the file you're running.

Relevant manual pages: ManualUsage RunningIt

How do I control all these parameters to the Patch?

Edit the file ttdpatch.cfg in a text editor of your choice. This is the recommended method. To see all the options available, run ttdpatch -W, which will write a basic config file with useful comments. You can also specify many of the options as command-line options. These are the only supported methods of configuration.

Alternatively, there are tools available to generate config files, available from the Tools section on the main website, though check that the tool you choose supports the version of the patch that you have. Also be aware that the PatchTeam do not support these tools.

When I try to play the game, I get an error about a COM port.

You are trying to play the DOS version of the game on Windows NT, 2000 or XP. This will never work. You need to find the Windows version of TTD. Good luck, because we can't tell you where one might find a copy...

I get an error message saying that ttdx.exe or tycoon.exe or gamegfx.exe could not be found.

This probably means that you have the wrong version of the patch. You might have the DOS version of TTD, but the Windows version of the patch, or vice versa. The versions must match, or the patch won't work. Another possibility is that you don't actually have Transport Tycoon Deluxe, but rather some other game, or that you've installed TTDPatch in the wrong folder (it must be in TTD's folder).

I get the message: "Unable to access Transport Tycoon Deluxe CD!"

If this is in the Windows version of TTD, you need to turn on the win2k patches.

Otherwise, check the line in the configuration file for the CD path. It should read "cdpath D:\" where D is the letter of your CD drive.

One more way to solve this is to copy all missing files from your CD to the TTD directory. Simply copy everything that's not already on your hard disk and it should work. Then you can play TTD even without the CD.

How do I make a configuration file?

A default configuration file, ttdpatch.cfg is automatically created if you run TTDPatch the first time. To make a new configuration file, simply delete the existing ttdpatch.cfg file.

Relevant manual pages: UpgradingToANewerVersion

Which version of TTDPatch do I need?

TTD comes in two different versions, see "What's the difference between the DOS version and the Windows version?" above. The DOS version of the game requires the DOS patch, and the Windows version the Windows patch.

How do I run TTD/TTDPatch on Windows NT, 2000 or XP?

Only the Windows version of TTD works at this time. You have this version if you see the "Fish UK" logo at the title screen, or if your TTD folder contains the file gamegfx.exe. If this is the case,

You need TTDPatch 2.0 or later for playing in full-screen (may not work with all graphics cards).

You need to enable the win2k patches. Simply put the line "win2k on" in the file ttdpatch.cfg.

  • If you get a message saying "Unable to access Transport Tycoon Deluxe CD! $", you forgot the line "win2k on" in the configuration file.
  • If you get the message, "Create process failed", you need to delete the file TTDLOADW.OVL and run TTDPatch again. If you still get that message, try reinstalling TTD.
  • If you get a message like "TTD is not installed properly (registry error #)", TTD is not installed properly. Run the installation program again to make sure the registry entries are correct. Alternatively you can use TTDPatch Starter from the Tools page to fix your TTD registry entries. See the manual for a detailed explanation of this error message.

How can I set the train unload/load time to be faster or instantaneous?

You can do that by loading certain special .grf files. See [1]. Note that this won't work correctly with new vehicle sets that use callbacks to set the vehicle loading speed (such as the DB Set XL).

Windows Vista complains about a missing file dplay.dll?

  • If you're using the nightlies, ensure win2k is on, and then delete TTDLOADW.OVL. If this doesn't work, report it as a bug. After you've reported the bug, use the solution for the 2.5 beta versions.
  • If you're using a 2.5 beta, copy dplayx.dll to your TTD folder, and rename it to dplay.dll.

I get the message "Error loading new graphics: file 'newgrf/ttdpbase.grf' not found"?

I get the message "Error loading new graphics: file 'newgrf/ttdpbasew.grf' not found"?

These are the same message for the DOS and Windows versions, respectively. The latest version of these files (as of this writing) is here. If necessary, create a newgrf folder in the folder where TTDPatch is installed, and then place the requested file in that folder.

I get the message "Wrong grf version (file newgrf/ttdpbase.grf)"?

I get the message "Wrong grf version (file newgrf/ttdpbasew.grf)"?

See the previous question. If the version there does not work, find the most recent attachment in this thread (which should be the topmost) and use that instead.