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TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha 9 or later


Configuration file: losttrains on|off|

Configuration file: lostrvs on|off|

Configuration file: lostships on|off|

Configuration file: lostaircraft on|off|


If can often happen that a vehicle becomes lost and is unable to find the station it is supposed to go to. For example, trains and road vehicles might be going in circles, or ships might get stuck in a bay and not find a way out.

With these switches, you can enable warning message for lost vehicles, that is, vehicles which haven't visited a station on their schedule in a given amount of time. You can set the amount of days for each vehicle type, with the default being 150 days for trains and road vehicles, 400 for ships and 60 for planes. Minimum value for

This feature was contributed by Csaba Varga.