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Enable hot keys for all tools in the construction menus and for general actions.


Configuration file: morehotkeys

Command line: -YH


In addition to the new hotkeys listed on MoreHotkeys, the 2.6 alpha series provides hotkeys for the other two construction toolbars, and the road and landscape generation toolbars in the scenario editor.

For the other two construction toolbars, the general pattern for the road and rail toolbars was applied, but some buttons have two hotkeys:


When numbers appear both above and below a button in this image, either key may be used. This image assumes the default American hotkey list. With those keymappings, the backslash and hyphen usually select the purchase land and build bridge tools, respectively. If you normally use some other keys for those tools, use those keys in these toolbars too.

In addition, the standard hotkeys can be used on the road construction toolbar in the scenario editor, and most buttons in the Land Generation toobar have hotkeys:


For lack of anything more obvious, the num-pad was used to assign these shortcuts. In addition, [5] may also be used to toggle the dynamite tool. Again, the default American hotkey list is assumed.

When both this toolbar and the road toolbar are open, the road toolbar captures all keypresses.

When a vehicle orders window is open, the five or six buttons along the bottom are triggered by the letters "dFghjk", approximately as in OpenTTD. Note that the Delete/Reset button requires a capital letter. When multiple vehicle orders windows are open, the most recently opened window captures the input, unless you click on the title bar of a different vehicle order window after opening the most recently opened window. To prevent confusion, the window that will receive the keyboard input will have "(*)" in its title.

MoreHotkeys was contributed by Oskar Eisemuth, and these extensions were added by Dale McCoy.