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Enables more industries in other climates.

2.0.1 alpha 5 or later


Configuration file: moreindustriesperclimate on|off

Command line: -YI

Note: This switch is considered deprecated in favour of the newindustries switch. As of alpha 55 using the newindustries switch will disable moreindustriesperclimate.


Adds paper industries and the paper cargo to the temperate climate.

In order to get paper industries you need to fund them via the fund menu.

Note that for games started with this switch turned off, the additional vehicles needed for transportation of the new cargo types may not be available. In that case, you need to use the Cht: ResetVehicles sign cheat.

New temperate Industries:

Papermill Produces paper from wood in temperate.
Printing Works Takes paper and creates goods.

This feature was contributed by Oskar Eisemuth.