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2.0.1 alpha 4 or later


Configuration file: moresteam on|off|<amount>

Command line: -YM


This feature allows you to see how dense and how long-lasting the steam plumes generated by steam engines are.

The parameter <amount> has two digits, e.g. "moresteam 23" has digits 2 and 3. The first digit (here "2") sets the length of the steam trail, and the second digit sets how often a new steam plume is generated. Both have a default in TTD of 2, i.e. "moresteam 22" gives you the TTD default steam generation.

When you increase or decrease either of the digits, the corresponding variable is doubled or halved. For example, "moresteam 23" (which is the default used for "moresteam on") gives you the same length of the steam trail, but twice as many plumes, and "moresteam 31" gives you a trail twice as long but with half as many plumes.

A few example of possible moresteam settings:


Note that if you have TTD generate more than the default number of steam, you may quickly run out of "slots" for the steam plumes. By default, there can be only 160 steam plumes in the game at any time, and if you have many steam engines with lots of steam, that may not be enough. In that case, you can increase the number of slots for steam plumes using the morevehicles switch.