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Enables more transparency options.

2.6 alpha 0 r1826 or later


Configuration file: moretransopts on|off

Command line: -ZH


This switch replaces the "Transparent buildings" menu option with one that opens a toolbar that can set transparency and invisibility for many different classes of TTD objects (including trees, stations, depots, town buildings, houses, industries, and objects) independently.


Except for the right-most, each button cycles normal->transparent->invisible->normal for the objects it controls. The last one toggles whether or not one-way road indicators are hidden when the road-building toolbar is closed.

With miscmods.notalwaysthreestatetrans, the GUI will display TTD sprites, instead of these obscured sprites, when non-transparent drawing is selected.

Each of the settings can be locked or unlocked by control-clicking on the corresponding button. Unlocked settings will be toggled between current and normal with the [t] key, while locked settings can only be changed by using the GUI.

Be careful when building with trees invisible; towns don't like tree removal any better just because you can't see the trees.

As of r2065, the moretransopts switch comes with 32 bits for controlling the initial transparency state.

The ten that start with "trans" will, if set, cause their controlled entities to be transparent when the game starts.

The ten that start with "invis" will, if set, cause their controlled entities to be invisible instead of transparent, and will make the hotkey toggle between normal and invisible, instead of normal and transparent.

The eleven that start with "lock" will, if set, prevent the hotkey from changing the transparency/invisibility state of that entity.

"hideoneway", if set, will hide one-way road indicators when the road-building toolbar is closed.

All of these can be modified in-game by the transparency gui, as mentioned above.

The eleven entities are:

trees Trees on tree tiles, but not trees on stations or town buildings
houses Town owned buildings: Houses, stadiums, churches, hospitals, and the like
industries All industries
stations All Stations: train stations, road stations (normal, drivethrough, and tram), airports (including hangar), docks, and bouys
raildepots Rail depots for all track types
roaddepots Road and tram depots
shipdepots Ship depots
bridges Bridges, generally excluding bridge heads.
objects Transmitter towers, lighthouses, and anything enabled by the newobjects switch
company Company headquarters and statues
oneway One way road indicators. Note that no setting of these two bits, nor any similar setting in the GUI, will hide one way indicators when the road toolbar is open.

This feature was contributed by Dale McCoy. The transparent-tree hiding code was contributed by Pikka.