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This section collects tutorials targeting at creating NewGRFs for TTDPatch and OpenTTD using the NFO language.

For authors: please write these in order and always explain changes from one step/page to the next. Also ideally each topic would have a downloadable demo file that shows these steps "in action")

NFO tutorial

This will be a step-by-step guide that teaches how to make new graphics sets using NFO, from the first simple train engine to the most sophisticated train sets with liveries that change in time and special effects such as wagon backlights. How to draw graphics is covered in the GraphicsTutorial.

While the tutorial will be mostly covering train vehicles, all the steps apply to other vehicle types as well, although with slight (but obvious) changes.

Some pages may have sections labelled "advanced concepts", in which the more advanced uses of certain features are explained. You should perhaps not try to understand these at the first reading, but keep them in mind and come back later if you're ready for a little more sophisticated graphics.

Unfinished Tutorials

Other tutorials

Here tutorials on coding NFO are listed.


GRFMaker is a tool that provides a graphical user interface for coding NewGRFs in NFO. You still need to be able to understand the concepts of NFO to be able to use it.

Lakie's tutorials

These are tutorials that Lakie from TT-Forums wrote, these are on his website for the moment.

Please note these are being worked on, and are not fully complete.