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TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha 56 or later


Configuration file: newcargos on|off


This switch enables the installation of new cargo graphics files.

As an extra, this switch increases the maximum amount of cargo that can be present on a station. Without this switch, you can have up to 4,095 units per cargo type; with this switch enabled, the limit is 32,767 units.

There's also a small limitation: you can't have more than 12 types of cargo waiting on a single station. Usually people don't transport that many different types from a single station, so it's not a big problem. If you hit the limit, however, TTDPatch may remove the type you transported least recently to make space for the new type. This limitation doesn't apply to acceptance; you can have a station that accepts all 32 cargo types without problems.

This switch does not cooperate well with moreindustriesperclimate, and will disable it when enabled.

WARNING: To allow more cargos, this switch needs to modify some internal structures of TTD. The old structures are automatically upgraded to the new format while loading a savegame, but downgrading isn't possible. This means, a savegame saved with this switch being on cannot be loaded correctly with an older TTDPatch, or with the switch being disabled.

It's possible to turn the switch off on savegames that have used it, as long as you make sure no vehicle carries any non-standard cargo types, and all corresponding industries are removed from the map. Otherwise you'll get some very strange side effects.

If "moreindustriesperclimate" is on, it'll be deactivated when newcargos is active. Instead of that switch, you can download paper.grf from the TTDPatch New Graphics page, which now does the same thing as a grf file instead of a switch and adds the paper cargo and industries to the temperate climate.

The coding of this feature was started by Marijn Kruisselbrink, but was finished by Csaba Varga.