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New sounds

Allow new sounds

2.0.1 alpha 58 or later


Configuration file: newsounds on|off|<bits>

Command line: none


This switch allows GRFs to add new sounds to the game, and play those in several occassions. As a side effect, it will play some original sounds differently; those that were intended to be played at 22KHz, but unpatched TTD played them at 11KHz nevertheless.

This is a bit switch. To find out how that works, see Bit Switches, or simply add up the values of the options you want:

Bit Value Text name Meaning
0 1 highfrequency (DOS only) enable 22KHz mixing

The old DOS sound driver operates at 11KHz, which prevents it from playing the above mentioned 22KHz samples to be played correctly. The highfrequency bit (which is enabled by default) enables the mixing to operate at 22KHz, so the 22KHz samples can be played correctly, at the cost of slightly higher CPU load.

The sound handler DLL used in the Windows version was written by Steven Hoefel.

The GRF support code was written by Josef Drexler.

The DOS sound mixing code and the rest of the switch was written by Csaba Varga.