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Enable new station graphics.

2.0.1 alpha 25 or later


Configuration file: newstations on|off

Command line: -YI


After enabling this switch and installing new station graphics (see the TTDPatch New Graphics page), you can use the dropdown menus in the station construction window to choose the graphics selection. The top menu will select the station class, and the bottom menu selects the individual station type within that class.

Note that the new station graphics may not be active by default in existing savegames. If the menus are grayed out, try opening the graphics status window from the tools menu and enable the new stations there.

As for using waypoints, if you build a station using the signal-boxes (or waypoints), then that station will become a pure waypoint. That is, it will never receive or accept cargo, and trains will not stop there, even if you don't use the non-stop command or the "nonstop on" switch of the patch. Also, these waypoints will not reduce your local authority rating for being unserviced stations.

For station types other than waypoints, the new stations simply look different, they do not actually behave differently.

Bus Stops

Allow construction of bus stops as new bus station type.

2.0.1 alpha 46 or later

All road vehicles can drive through a bus stop, while only busses can use it as station.

To use them efficiently remove a road tile and replace it with a bus stop. Road vehicles can't reverse on bus stops, you need to have a full road tile for a road vehicle to successfully reverse.

The bus stop feature was contributed by Oskar Eisemuth.