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What do tenders do for the steam locomotives?

With 2.0, they do nothing but weigh a bit, take up space, and generally look cool. With the later patch versions, they are an integral part of the locomotive and cannot be removed (unless the vehicle set isn't coded that way).

Can I get [insert train type], or a set from [insert locality] in the game?

If you would like them in, then so would we! We'd be glad to help get you started drawing them. Go to the forums and look around, you'll find plenty of advice there, not to mention people with experience.

Also keep watching this Wiki, as it is growing quickly.

Why don't I get some freight carriages with the Transrapid 09?

In the DB set, you only get limited options with this maglev. Maglev lines are so expensive that they have never been used for bulk freight and probably won't be. The Transrapid is a real train, and even letting it haul mail is a stretch.

I see all these cool new trains but I'm still stuck with the same old ones.

  1. Make sure you have the most recent version of the Patch installed, from
  2. Install the contents of the New Graphics ZIP file, from's New Graphics area.
  3. Install the TTD Patch Configurator, from's Tools area.
  4. In the Configurator, make sure "usenewvehicles" is selected. If you're confused, you can select "Use recommended settings" in the Configurator.
  5. Read the Manual to find out about the other parameters and what they do.

Why can't I get the new graphics to work?

There are several checks you should do to find out why the graphics don't work.

  • Do you have the right name for the new graphics configuration file? It should be newgrf.cfg if you have the DOS version of TTD, or newgrfw.cfg for the Windows version.
  • Did you enable the switches for new graphics?
  • Do you get any error messages after starting TTD or loading a game? If so, see the manual for what they mean.
  • Did you start a new game? By default, new graphics are loaded only in new games, although you can use Cht: Graphics to activate them in existing games.

Relevant manual pages: NewVehicleGraphics NewGraphics

How many different vehicles can there be?

The game has a hardcoded limit of vehicle types. There can be 116 different train vehicles, 88 road vehicles, 11 ships and 41 aircraft, adding up to 256 in total. It's impossible to have more variety than this in any one game.

This is not the same as the number of individual consists in the game.

I have made the graphics for a [insert vehicle here], but how do I put it in the game?

Go here: NFOFoundations.

How do I make a configuration file?

A default configuration file, ttdpatch.cfg is automatically created if you run TTDPatch the first time. To make a new configuration file, simply delete the existing ttdpatch.cfg file.

Relevant manual pages: UpgradingToANewerVersion

Why are vehicles in fixed sets? I want to combine my own trains!

A (train) vehicle set isn't just a simple collection of single vehicles. Instead, it represents the historical development of a specific region, a country or a single railway company. To do so, a set implements various interdependencies between its constituent locomotives and coaches/wagons (LiveryChanges, WagonOverride, etc) which requires to have all vehicles in one handy .grf file.

I'm getting the message "error loading graphics: invalid sprite in .grf". How can I fix it?

Recently, the most common reason for this problem is that you're using TTDPatch 2.0r1. If this is the case, please use a more recent version.

If the message mentions "code 24", this means you have accidentally turned on the "mandatory GRM" feature. Try putting "experimentalfeatures.mandatorygrm off" in ttdpatch.cfg, after any other line that starts with "experimentalfeatures". Adding it at the end is a good way to ensure this.

Otherwise, it either means your version of this .grf file is not compatible with the current patch version, or that the file itself is faulty. Try downloading an updated version of the file, or a more recent version of the patch.

Another possibility is that the .grf refuses to load because an option is set incorrectly. Refer to the documentation that came with the set and ensure all patch settings are correct.

I have problems with ECS vectors! What to do?