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Plant a rectangular area of trees.


Configuration file: plantmanytrees

Command line: -Yp


It is a bit switch. To find out how that works, see Bit Switches, or simply add up the values of the options you want:

Bit Value Name Meaning
0 1 morethanonepersquare Allow adding trees to a tile
1 2 rectangular Plant rectangular area with Ctrl
2 4 morethanonerectangular Rectangular planting adds trees to tile

The first option allows you to plant trees on a tile which already has trees. However, currently this does not impress the local authority; for that you need to plant trees on empty tiles. Also, the new trees have to be fully grown (due to an internal restriction of TTD), so they cost more.

The second option allows you to plant a large rectangular area with trees. First, you plant a tree in one corner of the rectangle. Then you hold down Ctrl, and plant a tree in the opposite corner of the rectangle. Now all empty fields in the rectangle will be filled with trees. If the tree type is the same in both corners, the whole rectangle will be filled with that type of tree. If the tree types differ, the rectangle will be filled with random trees.

If you enable the third option, this rectangular planting will add trees to tiles which contain trees already, whereas otherwise it only plants on empty tiles.

This patch was contributed by Csaba Varga.