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Store additional information in savegames


Configuration file: saveoptionaldata

Command line: -Xx


In order to function properly, the patch has to save extra data in savegames in certain cases (for example if the extended town data are collected, see More Town Statistics).

However you can also tell the patch to save more information that isn't actually required. This includes for example the vehicle data. If enabled, the patch will store and load back the current values of all vehicle data, e.g. the top speed, power, weight, capacity and so on. This is especially important and useful if you use new graphics files, which change the vehicle data. With this switch on, TTDPatch will record which graphics files were active in the game, and then use this information to prevent activation of incompatible graphics sets. See New Graphics for more information.

It is recommended that you turn this switch on unless you have a good reason not to use it.

This patch was contributed by Marcin Grzegorczyk.