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Choose what type of cargo should appear at a station.


Configuration file: selectgoods

Command line: -G


Sometimes you may want to build two stations at a busy factory, one for deliveries of steel etc. and one to pick up the goods. The problem is that normally goods will appear at both of the stations, making this setup rather useless.

With this patch, no goods will appear until a carrier for that particular type of cargo has arrived.

Think of the factory manager being very mistrusting. He won't send any cargo to your station until he's sure it'll be picked up, because he's afraid that it might spoil. This means that you have to prove your capabilities by showing him your carrier.

So, if you just make sure that no goods trains ever enter your delivery station, you'll never see any goods there, and you won't get bad ratings for not picking them up. This is easier to do with the new non-stop handling, because that way no train will stop at the station if it isn't on the schedule. On the other hand, the pickup station will only ever see goods, even if there's a coal mine nearby, which might have its own station.

However, if only a single train tries to pick up goods at the delivery, or coal at the goods station, they'll continue to appear forever, so be careful. The only way to reset this is by using the Cht: ResetStation cheat.

For the description of this feature in the TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha versions or later, please visit SelectableStationCargo/2.5.