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Show semaphore signals before 1975.


Configuration file: semaphores

Command line: -YS


Transport Tycoon (original) had semaphore signals in the earlier years, and light signals in the later years. TTD normally only has light signals, but this switch reintroduces semaphore signals.

If enabled, the signals you build before 1975 are semaphore signals, and signals after 1975 are light signals. Note that you need the signals.grf graphics to be able to see semaphores.

If you have also turned on signalsontrafficside, the road traffic side determines what kind of semaphores you will see, British style (left side) or German style (right side). You have to make this choice before starting the game, or save and reload for the change to take effect.

To place a semaphore after 1975, or a light signal before 1975, you can hold down the Ctrl while building the signal. Note that after a signal has been built, the Ctrl key is used for pre-signal selection, not semaphores, so this only applies when the signal is first built. However you can remove and then rebuild the signal of course.

To switch all signals to light signals or semaphores, use the Cht: Semaphores sign cheat.