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Stretch the TTD window to any size.

2.0.1 alpha 13 or later


Configuration file: stretchwindow on|off|<size>

Command line: -XW <size>


This switch only applies to the Windows version of TTD, and only when running in windowed mode (not in fullscreen). It stretches the size of TTD's window by multiplying each pixel with a certain factor. For example, when set to a size of 1280 (the default), each pixel is doubled in width and height, thus making the window 1280x960 large.

Because of the required stretching, this switch requires a fairly fast computer and graphics card, but it is useful if you want to play TTD in a window on a high resolution screen.

You can set the size to be anything between 40 and 20480, but if set to less than 160 (a quarter of the original size), it is difficult to see anything or even click on the yes/no button when trying to quit the game.

The best results are achieved for integer multiples of 640, e.g. 1280, although half-integer multiples such as 960 also work reasonably well.

This does not enhance the resolution of the TTD window; for that use the Resolution switches