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Switch control to a different company or player.


Cht: PlayerID <num> [<temp>]


Note: this sign cheat has largely been superceded by the new subsidiary management.

You can switch control to a different company or player using this cheat. The parameter is the number of the player, ranging from 0 to 7. If the company doesn't exist or is another human player (in multiplayer games), the cheat will fail, otherwise you now own a different company.

If you specify <temp> and it is not zero, the company is only taken over temporarily, and you can switch back using Cht: PlayerID with no parameters, or with your original company ID as the number. Without <temp>, the takeover is permanent, which means that the computer AI will take over your old company.

If you intend to switch back to your old company, make sure that you do a temporary takeover, otherwise the computer may shut down several of your lines, or waste money by building some of its brain-damaged routes.

You may also find it easier to switch temporarily by using the subsidiary management (see Subsidiaries).