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Installing from CVS:

1. Build WineX. Use the GetCVSWineX_Pthreads script from this page. start GetCVSWineX_Pthreads and follow the onscreen information.

2. Use a installed TTD Windows installation or copy <language>.exe to gamegfx.exe

3. Use a native msvcrt.dll. <fakedrive>/windows/system should have a msvcrt.dll.

4. You need cmd.exe and or Put cmd.exe and or to <fakedrive>/windows/system.

5. Add the registry information to system.reg

6. Disable verbose switch in ttdpatch.cfg (keyboard inputs seems to be a bit broken)

7. Enable win2k in ttdpatch.cfg (otherwise crash)

8. Be sure to have no dxmci.dll in your folder (otherwise crash)

9. Use this script to start TTDPatchW, change startwine to your wrapper, aka cvswine

startwine -winver winxp -dll msvcrt.dll=n ttdpatchw.exe


The fullscreenmode seems to have some palette problems, if you want to change settings you can copy the script and change ttdpatchw.exe to ttconfig.exe, run, change the config and click apply, then exit...

If you have a prelink with exec-shield enabled, you can run it some memory problems with wine.

(Asks if you have a security kernel)

The prelink option -no-exec-shield can help. Be sure to remake the prelink cache

[The official line from Transgaming is that prelink should be disabled for minimal trouble - see /etc/sysconfig/prelink - C.]

Sometimes the CVS is broken, if it doesn't directly work try another day as I did ...

If you want to backup the sourcecode ~/temp/cvswine/winex.tar.gz


The net result of Chris's attempts at running this:

err:ntdll:MODULE_THREAD_WaitThreadModuleSafe this should never happen.


That looks like to be a broken CVS Checkout (Had the same error).

The one works for me is from 2004/01/26

A MODULE_THREAD_WaitThreadModuleSafe workaround:

setarch i386 cvswine -winver winxp -dll msvcrt.dll=n ttdpatchw.exe