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Installing from CVS:

1. Check out the source code from Transgaming CVS.

cvs login (password: "cvs")
cvs -z3 checkout -rwinex-3-2-1 winex

(this gives source for WineX 3.2.1 stable release - omit the -r flag if you want the HEAD)

2. Create a tarball so you don't have to CVS 57MB of source code again.

tar cf - winex-3.2.1/ | bzip2 -c9 > winex-3.2.1.tar.bz2

3. Build WineX.

Use the GetCVSWineX_Pthreads script from this page. Check the configuration in the file and issue GetCVSWineX_Pthreads recompile

4. Copy across the TT installation.

5. Add the registry information to system.reg

[Software\\FISH Technology Group\\Transport Tycoon Deluxe]
"HDPath"="C:\\PROGRA~1\\TTD\\" # Replace with your fake-wine-location, complete with doubled backslashes

Now I hit a problem. I can't get any further. I have tried the various other instructions around, but nothing seems to work. Method ends here until I get it working again.