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This template is used to gather road vehicle trailer properties. Please do not remove or rename properties. If you need an additional property, you can add it however.


|Trailer_name          =
|Origin                =
|Origin_src            =
|Company               =
|Company_src           =
|Series                =
|Series_src            =
|Year_start            =
|Year_start_src        =
|Year_end              =
|Year_end_src          =
|Weight                =
|Weight_src            =
|Power                 =
|Power_src             =
|Num_axles             =
|Num_axles_src         =
|Num_axles_powered     =
|Num_axles_powered_src =
|Length                =
|Length_src            =
|Length_parts          =
|Length_parts_src      =
|Doors                 =
|Doors_src             =
|Capacity_seated       =
|Capacity_seated_src   =
|Capacity_standees     =
|Capacity_standees_src =
|Liveries_text         =
|Usage_text            =
|History_text          =
|Comments_text         =

Property Value Source
Trailer Name {{{Trailer_name}}}
Origin {{{Origin}}} {{{Origin_src}}}
Company {{{Company}}} {{{Company_src}}}
Vehicle series {{{Series}}} {{{Series_src}}}
First year service {{{Year_start}}} {{{Year_start_src}}}
Last year service {{{Year_end}}} {{{Year_end_src}}}
Weight {{{Weight}}} {{{Weight_src}}}
Power {{{Power}}} {{{Power_src}}}
Number of axles {{{Num_axles}}} {{{Num_axles_src}}}
Number of powered axles {{{Num_axles_powered}}} {{{Num_axles_powered_src}}}
Length (total) {{{Length}}} {{{Length_src}}}
Length (articulated parts) {{{Length_parts}}} {{{Length_parts_src}}}
Number of doors {{{Doors}}} {{{Doors_src}}}
Capacity seated {{{Capacity_seated}}} {{{Capacity_seated_src}}}
Capacity standees {{{Capacity_standees}}} {{{Capacity_standees_src}}}
Liveries {{{Liveries_text}}}
Used behind {{{Usage_text}}}
History {{{History_text}}}
Comments {{{Comments_text}}}