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Renew all train cars for better ratings.


Cht: Renew [age] [?]


It would be a good idea to frequently renew the rolling stock, mostly train cars, because the age of them affects station ratings. (It's the difference between the year they are built and the current year that counts). Problem is that, like upgrading all tracks, it is a very tedious process. This cheat will make this easier. It changes the age of all carriages to zero, sets the "year built" to the current year and updates their value to the current price.

If an age is specified, only carriages at least that many years old will be renewed. (Revision 1444 (2.5 beta 10) or later only.)

Note that this does not affect the engines, only the carriages. To renew the engines you will still have to send them to a depot.

If the "CheatsCost" switch is enabled, this cheat will calculate the cost for all replacements, and deduct it from your bank account. Use the question mark to inquire about the cost without actually activating the cheat.