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Unreserve PBS reserved track.

This sign cheat was introduced in TTDPatch 2.6 alpha 0 r1725.


Cht: UnReservePBSTrack


This sign cheat unreserves any and all PBS-reserved track pieces on the current tile.

The purpose of this cheat is primarily for track reservation errors, where an isolated track piece has been left reserved, which subsequently blocks the affected track piece indefinitely, unless a train is ordered to ignore signals, which is highly unsafe, or if the affected tile is totally demolished and rebuilt, which is not always feasible, or desirable.

This typically occurs during a train crash clear-up, during certain types of reversing manoeuvres, or other abnormal train movement.

Supported tile types currently include: track, level crossings, PBS signals, tunnel entrances (and enhanced tunnel track), and track under and on bridges.

This cheat should be used with caution, as improper usage may result in train crashes.