ECS Vectors

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ECS Vectors. Descripton

ECS vectors by George

The full ECS Specifications defines 32 cargos and the corresponding industry schema uses 35 of 37 industries. Running all of them in one game (the curent limit is 90 industries per map) makes a game rather complicated. To give the player control over the number of cargoes and industries, cargoes and industries are grouped into 7 blocks, called Vectors.

One of them is the base one, that defines the minimal amount of cargo and industries, and has two additional functions (adding variable snow lines and removing default industries), which are optional.

6 of them are additional ones. They can be used in any combination, with the base vector or independently. In case of running independently, every vector disables the default industries and cargoes, that are similar to the ones, represented in the vector.

The cargo movement between vectors is represented on the schema:


ECS Vectors